How to get the most from Cream Personnel

Once you are registered with us it is important that you think about how you can best work with Cream. Remember, you are telling us about your skills and we will help you find a job. We are working together.


So, to make the most out of us, make sure you:

  • keep in regular contact with your consultant
  • give us all the information we need, including all your contact details and references
  • are honest
  • keep your CV accurate and up to date
  • tell us if there is a particular company or type of job you don’t want - be upfront and save time
  • listen to any advice from your consultant about improving your CV, remember we are professionals and we want to help you get a job
  • talk to your Consultant if we are not finding you work - it may be there are none available so think about other types of work you are willing to do.


Cream Personnel is here to find you the right job - we believe in Placing People First