Generational Job Search Differences Revealed

Monday, February 9, 2015

A study by Indeed Hiring Lab has revealed the job search behaviour of different generations in the workforce. The UK working population is currently divided almost evenly between Baby Boomers (aged 51-70yr olds), Generation Xers (31-50yr olds) and Millennials (21-30yr olds), although Millennials are predicted to make up 50% of the global workforce by 2020!

Millennials (21-30 year olds)

  • The majority (73%) of job search queries come from a mobile device – consistent with their more general familiarity with technology.
  • They show the most interest in a career in Office or Administrative Support, while there is less demand for jobs as Healthcare Practitioners and Technical.

Generation X (31-50 year olds)

  • This group is similarly tech-savvy, with 75% of job search queries conducted on the move
  • Gen Xers have been honing their leadership and tech skills, making them great candidates for the senior-level roles that Baby Boomers will retire from – this is reflected in their top search term of management. This may suggest that the level and type of role is more important to them at this stage of their career, than the industry in which they work
  • Jobs in the Computing and Mathematical field, as well as Architecture and Engineering also feature in their top search terms – this may be evidence of the impact of government initiatives launched to boost interest in STEM subjects in the UK, following a dramatic decline in students studying these subjects to A-level in the 1990s

Baby Boomers (51-70 year olds)

  • 51% of search queries come from a mobile device, with this group relying more heavily on desktop computers for web browsing than their younger counterparts.
  • They show more interest in ‘blue collar’ jobs, with “Driver” and “Warehouse” appearing in their top search terms – it may be that these are the jobs that are most consistent with their desire to work more flexibly.
  • The industries that attract most interest from this group are Installation, Maintenance and Repair, Building and Construction.

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