The Rise of the Video Interview

Friday, January 9, 2015

With the economy in a rut, many companies are starting to re-evaluate their traditional hiring processes. After all, not only is the traditional process long, but it can be surprisingly inefficient. A great way employers are looking to update and shorten this process is with video interviews.


There are several ways to utilize video interviews in the hiring process and they bring their own unique advantages to the table. For instance, live video interviews allow employers and job seekers to connect in real time. It’s just like an in-person interview, only without all the travel.

Video and web conferencing technology have opened up many new ways of interviewing for employers and candidates. The video interview has not replaced the traditional in-person interview; however, it is rapidly becoming a hot technology trend that is sure to continue gaining further adoption by employers through 2014 and beyond.

Be prepared and presentable for your video interview

Don’t risk an embarrassing on-screen moment; ideally use a blank background, shut out the wandering cat, silence the dog, warn those you live with and tidy your screening room, or at least the area that will be in view. 

It is important to look presentable. You need to look as if you’ve made an effort because first impressions will ALWAYS count whether that’s face-to-face or over a laptop connection – and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Practice questions

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Practice answering questions in a video interview setting. This can be done by setting your camera to record yourself while practicing hypothetical questions which you may be asked. This will not only help you get ready for the interview but will also allow you to get comfortable with the technology. Use this practice to iron out any small issues, such as your background and your wardrobe.

Look at the camera, not the screen

In a video interview setting it is likely you will be able to see yourself and the interviewer on the screen. As tempting as it is, it is best not to keep looking at yourself during the interview, but keep your eyes focused on the camera as though you are looking at the interviewer. Eye contact is critical in an in-person interview, and it adds a nice touch on a video interview as well. Pretend your webcam is the person interviewing you. If it will work better for you, it may be better to cover the part of the screen (by virtually using another window or physically with a piece of paper) to ensure you will not be distracted by your own image. 

Understand what the recruiters want

Does the job demand presentation skills, video calls or e-conferencing? Is it an international, global company that includes employees halfway around the world in another time zone? An employer may wish to check out how you come across on screen for any or all these reasons. Including a YouTube, Skype and FaceTime interview in the selection process tells recruiters they’re on the right track, but the overriding motivation driving organisations on-screen is the time and money it saves running first round AND second round face-to-face interviews.

Recruitment law must be followed

All interviews, however they are conducted, have to comply with recruitment law. Employers will set criteria and must adhere to them however they conduct the interviews, or they could be exposed to accusations of prejudice. What’s more if the interview is recorded, legally, employers must inform you of how long they plan to hold on to the videos and can only use the recorded material at a later date with your permission.


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